More than 10,500 European motorhome stopovers
in one guide!
With the addition of nearly 1,000 new motorhome stopovers, 'Camperstop Europe 2018' has comfortably surpassed the magical number of 10,000 and now contains over 10,500 Camperstops! These motorhome stopovers, spread across 27 European countries, are presented in a concise, compact style. A few clear symbols tell users at a glance which motorhome stopovers meet their requirements. After all a motorhome stopover may consist of, for example, a motorhome park, free overnight stay, official motorhome stopover, or even an overnight stay on the private property of a local (wine) farmer or at a (yacht) marina.

Camperstop Europe 2018

Size 225x 285mm 752 pages 
ISBN 978-90-76080-54-3
price: € 25, UK £ 25

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